You want more customers.

(I assume)

This year I’ve talked to dozens of local business owners who actually turned down promotion. Fast. Before I even gave them recommended actions they told me they “didn’t want to get more business.”

You’re reading this, so let’s assume that’s NOT your situation.

Now, what do I do? I help businesses with website design, local search and ongoing technical support to increase their visibility and customer engagement.

I remove the “how the heck do I do this” that wastes your valuable time and money and creates more headaches than you need in your life.

To that end I have some Local Search case studies that illustrate some advantages to this.

So, if you are looking for someone to help, let’s connect.

Who, What, Why and ... A Frog?

My first website client’s reaction, around 1998. Mr. Michigan J. Frog was clearly impressed.

I still remember the first website I worked on.

Please, don’t go looking for it.

It was for the “WB” Warner Brothers affiliate in Austin. Remember the “Michigan J. Frog” WB character? I was an intern at the local WB TV station while studying at the University of Texas.

I barely knew what “website code” meant, but not many other people did either, so I learned how to create and edit a website page to help promote them. It was 1998, ancient history in Internet years.

Fast Forward A Few Years

While times have changed and technology and my own skills have improved — and that first website page (hopefully) can’t be found anymore — websites are still as vital as ever for businesses wanting to be successful.

While I’ve only worked with that one amphibian-related client, I have helped dozens of other companies ranging from accountants and auto mechanics to non-profits and international attorneys.

I’ve built state-of-the-art websites using rock-solid technology and hard-won skills. Every website is built with the marketing essentials and what a business needs to have a firm online foundation.

In that time, what’s one often overlooked thing I’ve observed working with scores of businesses? Experience, consistency and ongoing support.

Here at Countdown Web Design we don’t build a website and disappear, leaving you stuck with old site that can’t be updated. I’ve been hired multiple times because my client’s previous website builder “disappeared” and the business owner was left trying to sort out the technology.

We pride ourselves as much on our website care plans as our stellar website designs. Our WordPress Care Plans keep your business’ website running smoothly, so you can run your business.

You’ll never have to hear “something’s wrong with our website” again. Or be stuck with a website that can’t be updated because “no one knows how.”

If you need, we can even go one step further and help your website keep up with the fast pace of technology by incorporating helpful new tools to help your business grow and expand.

Like the WB network and those amazing early websites, technology changes. It seems to change more and more rapidly today.

You need website professionals that know the technology and help you stay on top of those changes.

Let me know what your online goals are and I’m sure we have a digital solution. If not, I’m happy to refer you to someone better suited. My goal regardless is the same: your business reaching new heights of success.

Questions? You can contact me anytime.

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