George Wier - Author website design review

Mike is fantastic! He completely re-vamped and optimized my website, and the positive results were immediate, both in traffic and online orders! Whatever you do, do this!


Best-selling Author

Jonathan Davitt - Consultant website design review

Countdown Web Design was excellent. I hired them to build my new company website as well as a customer CRM. The professionalism, the quality of work & the workability of what they did for my company was basically perfect. I highly recommend them and their work. Thank you very much!


Davitt Prosperity Consultants

Barton Creek Farmers Market Austin TX

I REALLY like it! … Super nice.


Barton Creek Farmers Market

Jessica Davitt - Preschool logo design review

Yes, I love it!!! 🙂 Thank you so much!! 🙂


Owner, Bright Beginnings Schoolhouse

Threads Embroidery client review

Our original search success was DIY over many years BUT it was time consuming to stay up with the latest technology AND I never got us to No. 1.

So [using the Local SEO service] was a wise outsource and I recommend it!


Threads Embroidery & More!

Lorie Black - Real Estate website design review

Working with Mike was great! He’s a real professional and goes out of his way to understand what it is you need and educates you to make the best decision regarding your website. I recommend him to everyone!



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5 Website Fixes to Get More Customers
5 Website Fixes to Get More Customers


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