Website Design

Website design begins with an understanding of your goals, your ideal website and your company’s message, services and products.

I talk with you and the stakeholders and discover your needs and your expertise in your business and organization. I take this and use my design and marketing skills to ensure your business is presented professionally and to the highest standards to interest and engage your customers so they will contact you.

Below are my website design and development services, an overview of the process, and approximate times for each stage.

As always, if you aren’t sure where to begin, I offer a no-obligation free website analysis of your existing site via the form at the bottom of this page. If you choose not to use my services, it is yours regardless and you can utilize the information how you wish.

My goal is simple. To create an impeccable website for each of my clients that empowers their business. A website that not only attracts customers, communicates your services and generates inquiries, but one that can be updated easily by you and your staff.

What Website Features Do You Need?

I’ve built websites for dozens of clients in a variety of industries since 2010. Since 2012 every website built is mobile-friendly, so they are user-friendly on every size screen from desktop to phone.

I have added all of the features below to various projects. If there is something you are needing that is not listed here, please contact me. I’ll tell you whether I can help or recommend someone possibly better suited to your needs.

  • Email Newsletter Integration: Email remains a vital means of Business to Consumer and Business to Business messaging. It is direct, it has great engagement numbers and everyone has and uses email regularly. Adding customers to your email list is a commitment to your future promotions, and profit. Your website is a key platform where people will want to know more about what you have to offer. Make sure you can update them and keep them coming back.

  • E-commerce: Whether you sell services, products, online courses, your art or nearly anything, accepting online payment can open up your income stream. Adding ecommerce requires proper integration between payment processors, gateways and the correct security settings for your website. I can set up your ecommerce website to help you take advantage of online sales for your business. I have successfully created ecommerce stores generating hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • Live Chat Support: There are nearly as many customer preferences for communicating with your business as there are customers. Some may want to call, some email, some use online forms and some use live chat on your website. Make sure you can assist your customers before they leave to find someone who can. Instant live chat support means they don’t wait. And even if you are not available for chat, your customer receives a responsive reply indicating someone will be back to them quickly.

  • CRM Integration: Do you need customers who fill out a form to automatically be added to your Customer Relationship Manager solution?

  • Website Interactive Booking Calendar: If your service requires booking appointment times, you can synchronize a calendar system with each visitor to your site. Show them your available times, show vacation days and let them pick the time slot that works for them. They’re confirmed and you are notified. All on automatic without wasted time or motion.

  • Instant Customer Communication Integrations: You need customers to be able to reach you quickly and most importantly — easily. That may be by online chat (covered above) by phone, text, Instant Messenger, Skype or WhatsApp. Integrate any or all of these onto your website with a one-tap/one-click button. Create a means for simple, one-tap communication and increase your responsiveness and customer satisfaction. Mobile devices are omnipresent, so every brick and mortar business needs a “Tap for Directions” to instantly pull up a map to your business. Remove every barrier for your customers and watch as your conversions and profit increase.

How Long Does a Website Design Take?

On average a website is completed in four weeks. Below is the timeframe once you are signed up:

  1. Discovery interview via email and phone call to ascertain your needs, existing situation and how to best accomplish your goals.
    TIME: 1 day

  2. Initial website design begins with working out typography (fonts), colors, and a structural outline and basic schematic for the site.
    TIME: 3 days

  3. Design begins by fleshing out that schematic, adding colors, fonts and presenting a homepage and key pages of design for your approval.
    TIME: 5 days

  4. With approval of these designed pages, the remaining pages are built.
    TIME: Varies by size of project, on average 5 days.

  5. Marketing elements are added throughout the site to ensure proper focus on Calls To Action (offers) and all vital components are in place.
    TIME: 1 Day

  6. I do a review of the entire site to make sure every element is there and every pixel is in its place.
    TIME: 1 Day

  7. The project is presented for your final review.
    TIME: Client dependent on response time.

  8. Adjustments and changes are made until you’re happy. Typically, this is minimal as all design and the initial conversations lay out the path clearly.
    TIME: Varies. Typically 3 days.

  9. The site is given another final QC and it’s ready to go.
    TIME: 1 day.

  10. LAUNCH!
    TIME: 1 day.

As you can see, I am thorough. I take pride in my website designs. A job well done means you are satisfied, which means you stay with me as a client and hopefully refer me to others. Success begets success, both yours and mine.

How Much Does a Website Design Cost?

I have built websites for nearly 10 years and I know my tools and how to work efficiently without wasted effort, time or money.

That said, every website project is tailored to meet the needs of the customer.

Do you need an online store to sell products using e-commerce tools? Or just a straightforward one-page design.

You can contact me below and I’m happy to discuss your goals.

Your Website is Your 24-7-365 Salesperson

I’ve personally reviewed and analyzed hundreds of business websites in dozens of industries.

I see business websites making the same mistakes. Website mistakes that cost them customers, sales and income. 

I wrote a free step-by-step checklist you can use to improve your website by next week. This is in simple language and these are simple fixes. You can download yours today and help your tireless, works-around-the-clock salesperson do a better job for your business.

5 Website Fixes to Get More Customers
5 Website Fixes to Get More Customers


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