Countdown Web Design was inspired by a passion for precision and an intention to create business websites that inspire and engage your customers.

I have designed and built websites professionally since 2010. My education was in film production at The University of Texas at Austin. I lived 9 years in Los Angeles working with international non-profit organizations helping produce and film documentaries. This strong groundwork in visual arts helped hone my eye to aesthetics and design with purpose.

In speaking with dozens of clients and reviewing hundreds of business websites the most common missing element in website design is this purpose.

  • Why is this page here?
  • What is its goal for the visitor?
  • Why does this graphic exist? The photo? The video?
  • Each word on the page

Every element on a website should guide the visitor to an action that YOU as the business owner need to expand your organization and create more success.

My job is to help hone in on those essentials and ensure your website, logo and branding elements are precision tools accomplishing your goals.

I am always available for questions and similarly offer a free website analysis using the form at the bottom of this page. There is no fee or obligation. It is there as an introduction to the quality of my services and to raise the bar of business websites overall, whether you choose to use my services or not.

Thank you for visiting.

Mike Imken - Countdown Web Design owner

Mike Imken


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