Countdown Web Design was inspired by a passion for precision and an intention to help you better reach and engage your customers.

I have created online marketing campaigns since 2010. Everything from custom-built websites, search engine optimization projects, local search and directory listings, content marketing work and email campaigns.

My education was in film production at The University of Texas at Austin. I worked 9 years with an international non-profit organization helping produce, film and promote feature-length documentaries. This foundation in visual arts and working within lean organizations helped hone my eye to aesthetics and how to create effective promotional elements.

In speaking with dozens of clients and reviewing hundreds of businesses and their online presence, the most common missing piece is consistent and purposeful promotion.

Every online business asset should guide the visitor to an action YOU need to expand your organization and create more success.

Every online presence of your company should be clear, consistent and in your control. This includes Local SEO, an often neglected component of how nearby customers will find your business.

My job is to help hone in on those essentials and ensure your digital marketing is aligned to accomplish your goals.

I am always available for questions. I provide a free Website Improvement Checklist to anyone who wants it. This serves as an introduction to my experience and to help raise the bar of business websites, whether you choose to use my services or not.

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Mike Imken - Countdown Web Design owner

Mike Imken


Your Website is Your 24-7-365 Salesperson

I’ve personally reviewed and analyzed hundreds of business websites in dozens of industries.

I see business websites making the same mistakes. Website mistakes that cost them customers, sales and income. 

I wrote a free step-by-step checklist you can use to improve your website by next week. This is in simple language and these are simple fixes. You can download yours today and help your tireless, works-around-the-clock salesperson do a better job for your business.

5 Website Fixes to Get More Customers
5 Website Fixes to Get More Customers


to improve your business website by next week

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