Logo Design and Branding

A good business logo communicates at a glance the business, its product or service and has enough artistic style and presentation to provide an inviting and pleasing effect on the audience. Like a good website design, it is a balance between technical proficiency and artistic delivery.

I have designed logos for myriad businesses, ranging from a home-based preschool to a financial consultant service to an accounting firm.

A logo design process begins with discovery. This is the meeting with you and finding out from you what you need. We’ll get a solid plan moving forward, regardless of what stage you are in, be it with ideas on what you want or if you’re starting from scratch and need to generate concepts with me to help bring focus to the final product.

Once we have a direction, I go through sketches, drafts and initial designs to create typically two to three options. I send these over to you for review with my notes and concepts on visual choices.

Each component is planned out and intentionally chosen to meet your needs. Fonts are finessed until just the right letter styles are found. Colors are caressed until the perfect hue and mood is created.

Finally, all the files you’ll need are produced so that you have:

  • Digital design files ready for use on websites, social media platforms, email newsletters, apps and any other use.
  • Print-ready files that can be delivered to print shops for business cards, letterhead, flyers, business apparel and all print needs.
  • A branding guide including what colors were used, fonts used and usage suggestions to get the most out of your new business logo.

You have a unified, on-message custom visual representation of your company that can serve you for years if not decades. A good business logo is not “thrown together” or generated “automatically” by Artificial Intelligence. It is a vital professional business communication asset that  is carefully crafted to obtain maximum impact on your customers, and your success.

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Your Website is Your 24-7-365 Salesperson

I’ve personally reviewed and analyzed hundreds of business websites in dozens of industries.

I see business websites making the same mistakes. Website mistakes that cost them customers, sales and income. 

I wrote a free step-by-step checklist you can use to improve your website by next week. This is in simple language and these are simple fixes. You can download yours today and help your tireless, works-around-the-clock salesperson do a better job for your business.

5 Website Fixes to Get More Customers
5 Website Fixes to Get More Customers


to improve your business website by next week

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