Website Maintenance and Updates

WordPress website maintenance means you never have to worry about your website. It’s running. It’s secure. It’s backed up in the event anything needs to be handled. Bottom line, your customers can find you when you need them to—all the time.

Hosting, Backup, Security Updates and More

Hosting: Fast, secure website hosting each month with plenty of resources to handle your website and traffic.

Backups: Daily website backups so nothing is lost. A down website for any reason is restored quickly.

Security Updates: Software updated regularly which is key for websites remaining secure. I do testing after updates to ensure your site functions as intended.

Maintenance Costs

Hosting, updates, backups and technical maintenance are all included on all business website design plans.

If you would like this service as a separate or an add-on to an individual website design, please contact me.

Your Website is Your 24-7-365 Salesperson

I’ve personally reviewed and analyzed hundreds of business websites in dozens of industries.

I see business websites making the same mistakes. Website mistakes that cost them customers, sales and income. 

I wrote a free step-by-step checklist you can use to improve your website by next week. This is in simple language and these are simple fixes. You can download yours today and help your tireless, works-around-the-clock salesperson do a better job for your business.

5 Website Fixes to Get More Customers
5 Website Fixes to Get More Customers


to improve your business website by next week

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