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Mike Imken

Mike Imken

Web designer and marketer since 1998 with a few other endeavors mixed in. Loves local business promotion in particular. And Tex-Mex tacos.
Mike Imken

Mike Imken


The launch of any business starts first with an idea in the owner’s mind…and then…

Well, what does come next?

The answer to that, and how it is done, will determine if that launch is a tale of mastery or misery. Will it be a successful journey to the stars, or an alarm-filled “Aborted Mission!” with talk of what could have been?

Every owner starts with stars in their eyes and dreams of great success. So what’s that not-so-secret (but under-utilized) ingredient behind a successful endeavor?

Under-Used Ingredient For Success

In a word: Promotion.

PROMOTION: (noun) “the publicization of a product, organization, or venture so as to increase sales or public awareness.” New Oxford American Dictionary

No business survives for long without increasing sales. Promotion comes in many forms—from “free” word of mouth to billion dollar paid advertising campaigns.

In the online world, it can include multiple effective techniques, such as:

  • A properly built and attractive website with well-written content.

  • A website promotional offer (such as a free estimate, an information download or a coupon).

  • An email marketing campaign to reach those that have visited your website (and requested that offer).

  • Content marketing with articles, information and expertise that promote your knowledge and ability.

  • Search engine optimization (ideally with the above steps in place) so that all of the above are actually found by people more likely interested in what you provide.

  • Paid advertising to “fill the gaps” when and where the above don’t reach everyone you’d like (it’s a competitive online world out there).

And one other VITAL component, quite often ignored: Doing it over and over and over again.

Planning out a promotional campaign and executing just a part of it, or only putting it into motion once, will never be enough.

Effective promotion requires well-constructed, consistent messages and repeating them over and over via the right channels for your business to succeed.

So if your business is slow, or simply not getting to your destination as quickly as you’d like, find and use that “rocket booster” known as effective promotion.

How To Improve Your Business Promotion

Review your website as a start. For the vast majority of businesses, it’s the “home base” where people will find, and learn, about you.

  • Is it easy to use? Does it look great on a desktop, tablet AND a mobile phone. Websites that don’t can be actively pushing away 50% or more of their customers.

  • Is the information arranged logically? The term is “information architecture”, which is a fancy way of saying the words that describe your business and services make sense, and are effectively organized. Are similar topics properly grouped together. Another key component here? Are the pages written intelligently to communicate your products or services without confusing your audience?

  • Is it technically sound? A website that looks great but doesn’t have the right technical setup is like having a rocket ship with a killer paint job, but it’s a few dozen bolts in key places. It may launch, but would you want to ride in that? A correctly built website sets up the whole mission for success, including getting there faster and being easier to repair when things do need some adjustment or improvement.

  • Are you offering something to get customer engagement? A business website that doesn’t elicit a response isn’t a website that will help you do business. It needs to get the visitor to DO something. That “something” is what is most effective for your visitor. It may be to buy a product, receive a free PDF download, coupon. free estimate or price quote. Maybe an email subscription to your newsletter of awesome information. Besides getting that initial response, an offer ensures you can REPEAT that promotion. You have an email address. You can send updates, more offers, news, etc.


The keynote is promotion. Review your business promotion and see where it can be improved. Start with “something is better than nothing” and then up the quality as you go along.

It doesn’t have to be, and unless you have million dollar investors, isn’t going to be “all systems go” at the same time. But even WITH million dollar investors, a solid promotional foundation and plan will make the difference.

Happy promoting!

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5 Website Fixes to Get More Customers


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