Local SEO Case Study – Austin

Mike Imken

Mike Imken

Web designer and marketer since 1998 with a few other endeavors mixed in. Loves local business promotion in particular. And Tex-Mex tacos.
Mike Imken

Mike Imken

Threads Embroidery, based in Austin Texas, purchased an extensive local marketing package in 2017.

Here were their original search engine rankings for their top keywords:

Desktop Search:

  • #6 in the map results
  • #4 in the organic (main) search results
  • #20 in a Google Maps phone search of the Austin area

After the service

  • #2 in the map results
  • #3 in the organic results, just below Yelp and above Thumbtack, two companies with a sizable marketing expenditure.
  • #1 in phone Google Maps search around Austin for a top keyword

How To Improve Your Local Search Marketing

Local Search is how nearby customers find your business.

It can be on a desktop or more often is done using a phone and map application, e.g. Google Maps.

Potential customers search for “Asian food restaurant near me” or “auto mechanic in 78704” and your results either come up in the first page and they can find your business, or they don’t.

We help when they don’t.

One of our core services is called “Local SEO” which simply means we do the actions necessary to get your business ranking higher and found more often.

Sounds simple enough. But it does take the know-how and an intelligent, detailed and systematic method of improvement.

To find out more about our Local SEO and local marketing tactics, and exactly how and why they work, click here.

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