Quick Tip: Open Facebook Links In Chrome

Mike Imken

Mike Imken

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Mike Imken

Mike Imken

Have you ever gotten annoyed trying to open a link from a business or friend’s post in the Facebook app on your phone, only to see it open within Facebook in their “browser”?

You lose the screen you were on in Facebook and also don’t have your normal Chrome or other browser settings available to you on the new website page.

Darn you Facebook!!

Okay, maybe I only get that annoyed, but it was enough for me to solve it and share.

How to Force Facebook to Open Links In Chrome (or your browser of choice)

Written instructions appear below the images.

Open FB links in chrome 1
Open FB links in chrome 2
Open FB links in chrome 3
Open FB links in chrome 4
  1. Open the Facebook App
  2. Click the “hamburger icon” menu near the upper right corner
  3. Scroll down to “Settings & Privacy” and tap the down arrow.
  4. Tap settings
  5. Scroll all the way down and tap “Media and Contacts”
  6. Toggle on the “Links open externally” button.
  7. Sigh in relief as yet another dark digital nightmare has been replaced with sunshine and sweet cotton candy dreams … or something.

Bonus Tip

Keen observers may have noticed the “Videos in News Feed Start With Sound” option in that same “Media and Contacts” screen.

So you don’t need to interrupt work meetings with that auto-play Facebook video. Unless that’s just your thing.

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